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IN MEMORIUM: Wilfred Rael

SRIC Staff and Board members were saddened to hear that former SRIC Board member Wilfred Rael was killed in a tragic accident on February 13, 2007. He was 56. Wilfred came on our board as a result of his work to protect the Red River from mining contamination. SRIC staff worked with him and his organization on mining impacts, water pollution issues, and discussions about reclamation of the area once mining ceased.

Statewide, Wilfred was best known for his work on protecting water rights and his work on acequia community issues. Some of his recent work included leadership roles with the Questa Citizens Ditch Association and the Cabresto Lake Irrigation Association.

He is survived by his wife, Penny, and his children and grandchildren.

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"We’re here to talk about what we can do to save the world from nuclear proliferation. Our world, we’ve come to find out, is very small. It’s not as big as we once thought. It is an almost impossible task to save the world from nuclear proliferation, but in my way of life, the Diné way of life, we believe that there are no impossibilities. Although it seems like there are only a handful of us here trying to make a stand against nuclear proliferation, the task is not impossible. It all starts when we come together from all corners of the world, like we are doing here this week. We can start by coming to the realization that we are all on the same side. We are all members of the five-fingered intelligent earth dwellers called homosapiens, human beings. It doesn’t matter the color, the creed. We’re all earth dwellers here, in this world."
—The Honorable Joe Shirley, Jr.
President of the Navajo Nation
Address to the Indigenous World Uranium Summit, November 30, 2006

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