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Many different metals are found in abandoned uranium mine and milling waste sites throughout the Navajo Nation. These metals can get into your body through food, water or dust. Studies have shown that metals such as uranium and arsenic can damage cells in your body. There is information that damage from metals may be reduced when enough zinc is present. This research study will ask whether taking daily zinc pills at the USDA recommended daily allowance helps to protect the body from the effects of exposure to harmful metals.

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Research Volunteers Needed

We are conducting research to understand if taking the daily recommended level of zinc protects our bodies from the effects of heavy metals in the environment.

To participate, you are:

  • 21-64 years of age
  • Not diabetic
  • Not allergic to zinc
  • Not pregnant or nursing

You will...

  • Have 4 study visits over 9 months
  • Take a zinc supplement pill daily
  • Provide blood and urine samples each visit
  • Receive a gift card each visit

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Community Partners

  • Red Water Pond Road Community Association
  • Tachee Uranium Concerns Committee
  • Blue Gap/Tachee Chapter

Research Partners

  • UNM METALS Superfund Center
  • UNM College of Pharmacy
  • Southwest Research & Information Center
  • Indigenous Education Institute

Research Sponsors

  • NIEHS Superfund Research Program
  • UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center P30
  • UNM Clinical Translational Science Center

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