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Book Reviews

The following books were reviewed in this issue of Voices.

Blessed Pests of the Beloved WestBlessed "Pests" of the Beloved West:
An Affectionate Collection on Insects and Their Kin
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb and Terril L. Shorb, Editors
Prescott, Arizona: Native West Press, 2003

Silent InvadersSilent Invaders:
Pesticides, Livelihoods and Women's Health
Miriam Jacobs & Barbara Dinham, Eds., forward by Clare Short
London, England: Zed Books, Ltd., 2002

Transportation and Sustainable Campus CommunitiesTransportation & Sustainable Campus Communities:
Issues, Examples, Solutions
Will Toor and Spenser W. Havlick
Washington: Island Press, 2004

A Balanced Energy Plan for the Interior WestA Balanced Energy Plan for the Interior West
Western Resource Advocates
Boulder: Western Resource Advocates, 2004

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"Some people in the community were behind mining, [they] thought, mining is good for money. Some Navajo families were compensated for [past] mining on their lands. They were rich for a while. But it seems like to Navajos or native people, it's not good for us. As of today, I've seen these families suffer; many are gone from alcoholism, and [many] didn't spend the money in the right way. There's nothing there, now they're suffering again. This is almost where we're headed again. In the long run, I think it's not made for the native people to be so rich off the Earth. Uranium mining, it's like it's an omen."

--Mitchell Capitan,
Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining

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