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State Employees Now Part of 2003 Combined Federal Campaign

State of New Mexico and Federal workers can now make contributions to Southwest Research and Information Center (Agency No.: 7067) via the 2003 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for Central and Northern New Mexico. The campaign runs from September 1-December 15, 2003, with a Kick-off September 23, 1-3pm, at the VA Medical Center, 1501 San Pedro SE, in the open space to the west of the hospital. Stop by and say hello to SRIC staff.

Thanks again to those individuals who contributed to SRIC in the past as part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). We hope you will continue to donate to SRIC in the future. Your generous contribution lets us continue our work on issues related to environmental equality and health, and economic concerns related to the environment. See your Human Resources/Payroll offices for more information, or contact Don or Annette at (505) 262-1862.

Technology Assistance Wanted

Southwest Research and Information Center depends on the gifts of individuals, foundations and corporations for its ability to work on behalf of New Mexico's environmental issues and concerns. As such, we are requesting financial assistance in purchasing a high-end computer projector. We are constantly asked to make presentations to communities on issues relating to health, training, and education, and normally we would ask for a donation of a projector, but due to the nature of our work, we felt that we needed to purchase a model that meets our varied needs. We have received donations earmarked for this specific purchase, but need additional financial help. Please send or call in a donation today with a note specifying its purpose. Help us continue our work assisting communities. Call Annette or Don for more details at (505) 262-1862.

Online Donations

It is now easier than ever to donate to SRIC. We now accept donations online via our website, www.sric.org, in coordination with Network for Good/Guidestar. Guidestar is a project of Philanthropic Research, Inc. (PRI), a nonprofit organization that works to provide the public with a database of quality information about the programs and finances of U.S. nonprofit organizations. And Network for Good is the Internet's leading charitable resource - an e-philanthropy site where individuals can donate, volunteer and speak out on the issues they care about. Network for Good provides a secure server, providing a level of reassurance to donors concerned about donating online. However, if you want to donate to SRIC and are not sure about online donations, please feel free to contact us. We can take a credit card donation over the phone, or mail your donation to us at Southwest Research and Information Center, PO Box 4524, Albuquerque, NM 87196.

Submissions Wanted

We are looking for voluntary assistance with our publication Voices from the Earth. If you are interested in writing a book review, or if you have an article you think we should print, please contact Annette Aguayo, Editor, at (505) 262-1862 or Admin@sric.org. We reserve the right to use or edit submissions. No press releases, please.

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"When uranium mining and processing became big business during the Cold War, the federal government subsidized the industry. Most of the United States' uranium came out of Navajo ground. The Navajo people had a nominal say in the process at the time, but have endured all of the consequences since then. The land was torn open for our nuclear arsenal and the Navajo people are still dying from the cancers and illnesses that it caused.

I do not want a fourth generation of my people to suffer from the physical, psychological and cultural devastation caused by predatory energy practices. The lack of tribal consent contained in the Indian Energy title means that the federal government could override the Navajo law that prohibits uranium-mining activities on our land."
–Joe Shirley, Jr. President, Navajo Nation
"Senate Energy Bill Exploits Indian Resources"
Albuquerque Journal, July 18, 2003

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SRIC is part of the Stop Forever WIPP Coalition.
The nuclear waste dump is permitted to operate until 2024, but the federal government want to expand the amount and types of waste allowed with NO end date.
We need your help to protect New Mexico!

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