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Don Hancock is the director of the Nuclear Waste Safety program and administrator at Southwest Research and Information Center in Albuquerque, where he has worked since 1975. His interest in the Indochina War dates to his anti-war activism in the 1960s, and his life-long concerns about racism stem from experiences of white privilege and his religious beliefs.

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"Here are two books that I think are important and generally essential reading:

The Viet-Nam Reader by Marcus G. Raskin and Bernard B. Fall, eds. (Vintage, 1967). The book was essential reading in the mid-1960s to understand the Vietnam (or Second Indochina) War and why U.S. foreign policy was tragically in error. As the editors also correctly pointed out: 'Considering its 'ripple effect' on American society in the economic, political and social sphere, this is the first war which will affect the American society radically since the American Civil War a hundred years ago.' Those effects are still being felt, but this book still provides not just a historical understanding of the roots of the conflict, but also insight into foreign policy lessons that the public and policy makers still have not adequately learned.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley (Vintage, 1967). This book was important to providing an understanding in the 1960s of the roots of some of the racial prejudice and discrimination in the United States. While most white people did not like either the message or the man, it provides important insights into the life experiences of both whites and blacks. Those experiences continue to affect millions of people in American society."

The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Malcolm X and Alex Haley
Grove Press, 1965
(455 pages)
Penguin 1993, 1995
(500 pages)
The Viet-Nam Reader:
Articles and Documents on American Foreign Policy and the Viet-Nam Crisis

Marcus G. Raskin,
Bernard B. Fall, ed.

Vintage Books, 1965, 1967
(415 pages)

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